The Brewery Vivant Farmhand Fat Bike Race Rules and Event Schedule

Saturday 2/25/2017

3:00pm to 6:00pm - racer sign in & packet pick-up at Grand Rapids Bicycle Company 597 Ada Drive, Ada, MI 49301

Sunday 2/26/2017

9:30am to 11:30am - racer sign & packet pick-up at Cannonsburg Ski Area http://www.cannonsburg.com/

10:00am - race course open for pre riding

11:30am - mandatory riders meeting at the start finish area.

12:00 noon Start - Solo category at 12:00 noon, Duo at 12:05

2:45pm - Course closes and no more laps!  No racers allowed to enter race course after 2:45!

3:00pm - Race ends!  No laps counted after 3:00pm. If you started a lap before 2:45pm and are still out on the course between 2:45pm and 3:00pm you must finish your lap BEFORE 3:00pm for your lap to count.  

Head into the Lodge where Brewery Vivant Farmhand Ale will be on tap!

3:30pm - Results posted

4:00pm - Awards and prize drawing inside of the Cannonsburg Lodge

There will be a pit area near the start finish area with room for solo racers or duo teams to stash gear, put up an EZ Up tent, etc. Space is first come first serve and will be limited by conditions at the ski hill.  However, all gear will need to be carried to the pit area. 

There are bathrooms in the ski lodge, which is close by.

Please, No open containers of alcohol on Cannonsburg property!! Cannonsburg has a liquor license and serves beer in the Lodge and on the deck.  If you’re thirsty for beverages or hungry for food, please check out the Lodge and help support Cannonsburg, which is sponsoring this race.

Please, no bikes on the patio/deck area at Cannonsburg. No riding outside of the designated race course!! There will be skiers and snowboarders on the hills and near the chairlifts and lodges. We don't want to get in their way. Please walk your bikes to the pit area, from there you can ride onto the race course.
Please be considerate of other participants as well as skiers.  Cannonsburg will be open to ski during the race.  Please be considerate, whether in the parking lot, lodge or on or near the race course of the fact that other people not doing the race will be there to have fun on the hills.

Race Rules

This is a grassroots race.  It is run by volunteers who give up riding for the weekend to put the race on so you can have fun!  While there will be prizes offered, the reason we’re holding this event is to celebrate Fat Bikes, Snow and having a good time.  No Whining!  No complaining about the weather!  No complaining about wind, ice, snow or mud.  If The Farmer hears you complain he will be angry.  Don’t make The Farmer angry!

All Riders will be required to wear a helmet while on the race course.  Anyone riding on the race course without a helmet before or during the race will be disqualified. 

This race is held in January in southwest Michigan.  Please dress appropriately.  You will be outside at a ski area for an extended period of time.  It will be cold, if you’re racing duo you will have to stand around while your teammate is on the course.  Be prepared for all conditions!  That means snow, ice, wind, etc.

Please carpool if possible.  There is parking at Cannonsburg. But the race is during peak ski season.  There will be many people at the lodge on race day.  We will have some parking space reserved as close to the lodge as possible for Fatbike racers.

All Riders will be required to sign an event waiver at check in (either at Grand Rapids Bicycle Company on 2/25 from 3pm to 6pm or on 2/26 between 9:30-11:30am at Cannonsburg).  Duo teams must have BOTH riders sign the event waiver at check in or neither will be cleared to race!!  If you’re racing duo, please arrive and sign in together. We will NOT release you racer bags (number plates) unless you are both there to sign in.

All bikes are required to have a number plate.  Duo teams will be given 2 number plates.  Your number plate includes a timing chip.  If you start or finish a lap without your number plate your lap will not be counted!  It is the responsibility of the racer to ensure that your number plate is securely fastened to your handlebar and on your bike at all times.

We have designed a race course that provides both fun single track and ample open spaces for passing. When passing a slower rider please be considerate. If being overtaken by a slower rider please make every effort to allow them to pass. 

Timing and Lap Counting

  • Laps will be counted at the Start/Finish line
  • Duo teams switching riders must do so in the designated transition/pit area just AFTER they pass over the start finish line.  Hand offs will consist of one rider “tagging” the other.  Switching riders is NOT ALLOWED anywhere else on the race course. Only one rider from a Duo Team is allowed on the race course at a time.
  • Solo riders wishing to make a pit stop must also do so in the transition/pit area.  Solo riders may use more than one bike. If they do switch bikes they must also move their number plate to the new bike.
  • Please also keep track of YOUR OWN LAPS. We are not perfect, and in the event of a dispute in the results we will do our best to consider any argument. It will help if you have a log of your laps.  However, the race officials are the final arbiters.
  • We will attempt to post lap totals several times during the race.  Postings will be displayed in the Pit area.

Finishing, Winning, More rules.
The winner of each category will be the solo rider or duo team that completes the most laps in 3 Hours. In the event of a tie in total laps finishing places will be awarded by finish time.  At 2:45pm the course will be “closed” and riders will not be allowed back out on the course.  Any laps completed after 3:00pm will NOT be counted.  If you are finishing the race (not going out for another lap) prior to 2:45 please acknowledge that fact to the time keepers at the start/finish line.  Don’t forget, for your last lap (or any lap) to count you have to pass over the start/finish line AND you must do it before 3:00pm!

Racers are NOT required to race all 3 hours.  If you wish to take a break in the pit area or even visit the ski lodge during the race please feel free. If you decide to finish before the 2:45pm cut off, please notify the race officials at the start/finish area that you are done.  

No course cutting.  It will be grounds for disqualification.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will also get you disqualified.  

Riders may take assistance on the course from any other registered rider.  In the pit/transition area any rider may take mechanical assistance from anyone.  

Any rider may leave the course at the transition/pit area (just after the start/finish line).  In the event that you do need to leave the course anywhere other than the transition area, you must restart that lap from the pit area just AFTER the start/finish line.  The time you spend off the course will be counted as part of your lap time.  If you are restarting a failed lap (ie. you left the race course somewhere other than the pit area) DO NOT ride through the start/finish line before restarting that lap!  Restart your lap from the pit area.

E Bikes are not allowed in this or any other Great Lakes Fat Bike Series event. In the Spirit of honest and fair competition we support only human powered bicycles in our race. Anyone found to be riding a motorized bike of any kind will be disqualified from the Farmhand Fat Bike Race and banned from participating in the Great Lakes Fat Bike Series.

All riders registered in Fat Bike Categories must ride a bike with tires that are 3.7 inches wide or wider.  If you are registered in a Fat Bike category and you are caught riding a bike with either tire narrower than 3.7 inches you will be disqualified.