Thursday, December 12, 2013

We're Throwing A Party!

Farmer's Fat Bike Race will be held on the groomed trail system at Cannonsburg Ski Area between noon and 3pm on January 11, 2014.  Afterwards, Cannonsburg Ski Area invites you all indoors for the Farmer's Fat Bike Race awards and after party! The ski area will have craft beer on tap, we'll do our podium awards in the warmth of the lodge, and we'll draw a winner for a set of Fatbike hubs from 616 Bicycle Fabrication!  We'll also be drawing for Gift Certificates from Grand Rapids Bicycle Company!  All racers are eligible but must be present to win.

Don't forget that Cannonsburg winter trails are open to ride!  Stop in the lodge to get a day or season pass if you want to preride the trails before race day.  And if you're looking for proper riding gear or a fatbike upgrade, check out the downtown Ada location for the Grand Rapids Bicycle Company.  They've got everything you need from fatbikes to winter cycling boots!


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