Monday, April 30, 2012

Yankee TT

Myself  (Shawn D.) and the Farmer headed down to Yankee Springs for the TT which generally marks the beginning of the mountain bike season.  No more dirt road racing for this kid for a while.  After the Barry Roubaix suffer fest, and a pretty poor showing @ the Lowell 50, it was nice to be racing mountain bikes again.

It was basically the same course as previous years except for one minor course addition.  A total of 32 peeps showed up for the Elite class, which is one of the larger elite fields I can remember.  It's always good when you have a bunch of fast dudes in the same place at the same time.  Makes for good racing.  The course was in as good of shape as I can remember as well.  Part of which maybe due to the fact that I have finally dumped the rigid fork and opted for the new SID Wold Cup.  That comboed with my Stan's wheels is like driving a Cadillac.  I ended up in 8th and Farmer in 19th.  We hung out after with some friends that we haven't seen through the winter, and caught up the only way we know how (beer).  All in all it was a super fun day. 

I did learn a valuable lesson at this race.  It is a bad idea to freak out two days before a race and start messing with your saddle position just because your legs don't feel great on a particular day.  It is not good practice and can produce poor results. 

Next up this weekend is Fort Custer Stampede.  Early reports are sounding like the lap length is almost 10 miles.  Multiply that by 4 and that will make for a long "XC" race.  Is 40 miles still considered a cross country race?  Anyway, should be fun. 

Also, Congrats to teammate, Dan Jansen, and former teammate now Portlandia transplant, Joe Partridge for slaying the 330 mile death march that is Trans-Iowa !  Stay tuned for a full report from DJ soon!

Ride on.

Shawn D.


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