Wednesday, March 2, 2011

From Snowcross to Farmcross 2011

We started a rumor last month at the last Snowcross race that we'd be hosting a weeknight cyclocross series later in the year. Plans are firming up and we can say with confidence that it will happen. There will be more details as we ride into Spring and Summer.

For now the "Farm Cross" plan is to offer a 4 week long, mid week evening cross race at the Versluis Farm. Not at the homestead, but instead at another location on the farm where there's ample parking and plenty of room for a fresh CX course each week. We plan to follow on the heels of the Gratten Road Race series, beginning wednesdays after Labor day (exact dates yet tbd). Entry fees will be affordable (probably in line with what is charged per night at Gratten). There will be an "A" and "B" race.

While you all stay cool with this week's sub freezing weather here in West Michigan, take a look back at this year's Versluis Snowcross races with the videos below!

Here's the February race.

January Race.

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