Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snowcross #2 Results!

Thanks to everyone who visited The Farm yesterday to take part in our second Snowcross race of the year. We had a beautiful day for racing, 36 degrees and blue sky. Just warm enough to erase all traces of snow from the farm and turn the race into a Mudcross.

photos by Joshua Duggan


Here are the results:

A Men
Niel Sharphorn
Dan Korienek
Tom Linick
Craig Hillaker
Steve Bartzen
Lupe Martinez
Matt Remelts
Tara-Dan Jansen
Shari Versluis

Women (B Race)
Jill Meredith
Kaat Tahy
Laura Korienek

B Men
Phil Vanderlugt
Dave Manges
Karl Siebert
Marc Dettman
Craig Rawlings
Mike Clark
Tim Vanvliet
Pete Hall
Bryan O'Droski
Dave Lenting
Tom Hahn
Tom Landry
Mr. Martin Hall
Mark Johnson
Rick Vanderleek
Dennis Murphy
Todd Meredith
Gary Church
Mike Vanhouten
Jeff Gordon
rick Mikkelson
Scott Daigle
Ron Ribbink
Kevin Podolski
Craig Smith
Ben Clark
Michael Fehrenback
Tim Buning
Gary Trap
Keegan Korienkeck (who beat his mom!)
Jeremy Fogg





  1. Thanks for another great race FARM TEAM. Spectacular job, and what a race, great mud ... I just posted up a video of some of the action on the Crazy Bastards Blog. Check it ... and thanks again for another great race!

  2. Great race. I've gotten a lot of hits on my Flickr photos! Thanks to everyone for looking at them.

    Don't forget to check out Jack Kunnen's shots as well. His are great as always!