Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snowcross #1 is history

Here are the results from yesterday's Snowcross race at Versluis Orchards. We had a big turnout on a day that saw snow and near zero degree conditions. Stay tuned for info on Snowcross #2, which will take place on February 19 at The Farm.

A Racers

Dan (Steelers) Korienek
Niel Sharphorn
Earl Hillaker
Nate (Farmer) Versluis
Joe #3
Jeremy Karel
Craig Gietzen
Tony Heshberger
Matt Remelts
Chuck Allaire
Julie Allaire

Women Racers

Danielle Musto
Kim Thomas
Tara Jansen
Kaat Tahy
Jill Meredith

B Racers

Tim Buning
Al Northouse
Marc Dettman
Mike Clark
Eric Harvey
Martin Hall
Dave Staublin
Marshall M.
Rich Vanderleeb
Tim VanVliet
Craig Smith
Josh Duggan
Rick Plite
Marlin Steinhauser
Remke Vandam
Bryan O.
John Bursma
Brad Dejonge
Karl S.
Eric Kimber
Mark Johnson
Mickael Fehrenback
Pat Droeke
Matt Graves
Phil Pascucci
Gary Church
Dennis Murphy
Conrad V
Scott Caisle
Travis Bush
Robert Berg
Todd Meredith
Joe Klzak
Tom Miller
Gary Trap
Ken Schneider

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  1. Hey all your Farmers, thanks for a great time, a great course, and the lovely beer trophy and dogs! It wasn't as cold racing as I anticipated, and the course was way faster than you'd think with all that snow. I hope it warms up for the next one and we get that mud back.