Friday, October 8, 2010

MMBA-CPS and things to come...

Congrats to Tara for winning the womens Elite MMBA CPS series overall! She completed 6 races in the series as an MMBA member and had a great summer of racing all over Michigan.

Yankee TT: 4th
Fort Custer XC: 2nd
Hanson Hills XC: 2nd
Mayburry TT: 2nd
Addison Oaks XC: 3rd
Pando XC: 2nd

I was able to compete 5 times in the series also taking first place for the mens overall Elite CPS standings. What a bunch of fun!

Yankee TT: 3rd
Fort Custer XC: 2nd
Hanson Hills XC: 5th
Mayburry XC: 3rd
Addison Oaks XC: 4th

Farm Team Racers are still hitting venues as the season slowly comes to an end and a few big races are still left. Also cross season is in full effect especially over on the "west" side here with Kiss-Cross. The Farmer him self loves taking on these particularly painful events on his super secret cross weapon. Ok, its a SlingShot DDX set up single speed!

Now what? we'll there's been talk of 2011 plans and things to come...It's all in the works.

Hmmm, what could I use these for?

And thanks as always to our sponsors!

As well as Versluis Orchards, Niner Bikes, Health Motion Physical Therapy, Marinades Pizza!



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