Friday, September 10, 2010

Brief Update of Farm Team goings on.... and Copper Harbor and CA9

We are well aware that the blog has been a bit neglected lately... The reason for that is that we've been racing bikes and drinking beer, but here's a quick rundown of a few things that have happened lately, I'm sure I'll probably miss a few things.
JoeFro and myself did the 6 & 12 hours of Pando, with Joe winning the 6 hrs Solo and me (Spandex Steve) winning my age group in the 12hr solo (default).

Shawn D and Scotty did Ore to Shore.... and rode fast through sand.

Dan and Tara raced at Maybury and the Fort Custer TT... making sure they won enough $ to cover they're expenses.
They then went roadie for a weekend up at Cherry Roubaix and I'm pretty sure they did well.

A couple weekends ago there was another Misery Loves Company race down by yankee springs area. Farmer won it of course, Shawn was 3rd overall and won the under 35, and I was 3rd in the under 35 on my NEW, No Longer Mythical, Niner Carbon Air9. Even though I was slightly hung over and severely dehydrated...

Last weekend was the most important race of the year. The Copper Harbor Fat Tire Festival.
this is pretty much the hardest, most technical xc race around and it's at tip of the known world.
I went up Thursday with my brother, getting there in time to drink some free KBC at the Mariner with those doing the Thursday Copper Harbor Trails Club ride. Friday was awesome cause we lost power at the motel, it was raining, cold , and there were gale force winds and 15-20ft waves on the big lake. Luckily I had brought a book.
Sat started the same, with a bit less wind. The trail crew had a fun day with chainsaws clearing the trail and then putting on the first Super D as part of the weekend. Later in the day it started to clear up and I went out and pre-rode the first lap of the race, on epic trail by the way (that's official). When I got back from my ride the power had even come back on.
Sunday morning it was sunny and cool, pretty much awesome. The usual pre-race breakfast spot (The Harbor Haus), doesn't have breakfast anymore, so that was kind of a bummer. When it came to race time I was feeling pretty good, had enough water in me, and was ready to go. I probably took off a bit too hard up the first climb (a couple miles worth), but I didn't want to get caught behind people. Later in the first lap I had my first flat in a race for quite a while ( my stan's couldn't seal it), and lost a couple min fiddling with that. Once I got back to racing I was feeling ok (still getting the crap pounded out of me by the trail), and started picking off those who had past me while I was standing still. The second lap was more of the same, just trying to survive the race as fast as possible. I ended up coming in at 21st overall and 3rd in my age group, not quite where I want to be but ok considering my conditioning and the flat. After the race the beer flowed, music was played, and fun was had by all. Thanks again to the Copper Harbor Trails Club, and my mechanic/navigator for the weekend, Dremel Bill (my little brother).

In the near future, after I can get the Carbon fork on and a few more rides, I'll post up a review on my new Niner Carbon Air 9. So far it has been pretty awesome.

I'm sure I missed some things but oh well,
Until then next time ride bikes and drink beer!
- Spandex Steve

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