Monday, June 21, 2010

Lumber Spank 100

Unlike Mohican the weather was perfect for bike racing. After two weeks of mad dashes to Ada Bike Shop for replacement parts following the mud fest of Mohican. I finally had my bike in race working condition on Friday before the LJ100.

My plan this time around was to just set my own pace and keep riding at that speed until the odometer hit 100. It seemed to work pretty well as the "I want to quit" feeling didn't happen until 30 minutes into the last lap. A glass of Coke at the last aid station for that pick me up and that was the end of the race. Really it was pretty uneventful and it didn't seem like 7:42:15 on a bike. Not that I wasn't tired, but after 10+ hours of Mohican it seem short (I never thought I would say that abut 100 miles of single track).

The 33 mile loop format for this years race was a huge success in my book. I wouldn't say the course was easier it was just different. The hills came at different spots, and not having to come with in eye shot of your car at mile 75 made it mentally easier to make the last efforts to the finish. The couple sections of two track/road were nice for a good drink of water, and that head to toe check to make sure your in one piece. All in all a great day of racing and fun for all.

After the race the hat says it all.

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