Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hanson Hills Race Report

While JoeFro was down at Mohican trying to avoid the hail and tornadoes, and Shawn D was off partying like a rock star somewhere, the rest of the Farm Team went off to Grayling do a "normal" race.

Hanson Hills has been on the MI race calendar for quite a few years now and always offers up a good race. The race conditions were pretty good although it was a bit chilly and everyone got pretty well soaked through when it decided to start raining hard halfway through the race.

In the women's elite race, Tara enjoyed a solid outing in her first race of the year using her geared bike and finished in 2nd.

In the men's race we lined up 4 guys with Dan, Farmer, Scotty, and Myself (Spandex Steve). With the course open and really fast, it stay pretty tight together for the first few miles. As the race progressed a few guys got off the front, and Dan decided to fight a tree for a few seconds. After that the race settled in and it started to rain again. Dan ended up finishing in 5th at the end, with the Farmer coming in a few minutes back in 9th. Rounding out the finished was Scotty in 15th and I ended up way back in 16th after deciding that riding mid pack wasn't much fun and I wanted to ride some more trail (either that or I took a wrong turn).
Post race was a mix of BEER and talking about dirty Niners.

Thanks to the Fun Promotions crew for putting on a great race, for the full race results go here.
Spandex Steve

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  1. Dig the new look to the blog. Well done for a bunch of Farmers, uh, beer drinkers, uh, mountain bikers.