Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally A Yankee TT Report

Last weekend the Farm Team rolled in to Yankee Springs for the first mountain bike race of the year (Except for Scotty, who was off trying to play a Canadian roadie, Joe Fro was out getting ready for the NUE series, and Sheri stayed home to watch the kids). The day started off pretty cold but as race time approached things warmed up pretty well.
Second off the line, Shawn D started thing off for the Farm Team and was riding strong, until the trail decided to jump out and grab his bike. Unfortunately that ended his race and created some repair work on his bike.
Next off for the team was myself (Steve). Given the that I'm racing my SS until my UberNiner gets here, and a week and a half off the bike due to work, I wasn't expecting much. I ended up having a pretty good first lap and survived the second to come in 16th.
In a pretty significant change for this year the Farmer now actually riding with gears (pretty weird). He ended up using them well and came through strong in 4th at the end of the day.
The last of the start line for the elite field was Mr VanCandy (aka Dan Jansen). He rode through most of the field during the race, and despite a potentially major mechanical failure toward the end of the race which required some trailside maintenance, he finished the best of the Farm Team and just ahead of the Farmer in third.
In the Women's Elite race, Tara rode her One9 to an impressive 4th place. This was despite a couple good crashes that caused some good bruises later on.
After the racing was done we all sat around the campfire, drank some of the now Official Beer of the Farm Team. The New Holland Imperial Hatter, so awesome.

Thanks to the Western Chapter of the MMBA for putting on a great race.
For full results from the race go to Race Services.
For pictures of the race, visit Jack Kunnen Photography and/or Fast Photo Pro.

Until the next time...
Spandex Steve

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