Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snowcross #2 Results

Here are the belated results from last weekend's Snowcross race. Once again we had good weather, a good turnout and a great after party at the Orchard. Thanks to everyone who made it out to the race.

A Racers
Joe #3
Terry Sensiba
Mackenzie Woodring
Mark Kramer
Dan Korienek
Terry Bandstra
Tara Jansen
Mike Van Houten
William Bartzen

B Racers
Tony Hersberger
Bart Vandermanner
Joel Bierling
Jerry Behl
John Ballema
Mike Clark
Chris Davison
Scott Chapin
Mark Dettman
Eric Patterson
Brad Dejonge
jeff Bliss
Pat Druete
Lee Boughner
Mark Johnson
Mike Browler
Dan Dillbeck
Marshall Michmerheizen
Rob Schell
Gary Trap
Monica Tory

C Racers
Russ Turner
Billy Krol

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